Behind Moss & Palm

Moss & Palm, Elizabeth, Founder

Elizabeth was born in Jamaica, W.I. and credits her parents and an aunt for teaching her perseverance and nurturing her entrepreneurial aspirations from a young age. Remarkably, the initial spark for making anything skincare came after taking a soap making class at a neighborhood apothecary store.

Shortly thereafter and two weeks before Christmas in 2015, Elizabeth's mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and she began making a body rub with therapeutic grade essential oils to assist in easing her discomfort. Elizabeth found that her mother (Maysie) was comforted and her pain lessened with this holistic treatment.

Visiting family and friends started asking her to make some of the homemade mixture for them and offered to purchase multiple bottles. Elizabeth named the blend “Amazing Maysie”.

Upon her mother’s passing in January of 2016 and while having a deep conversation with one of her closest friends, she blended their last names together Moss and Palmer, which became Moss & Palm to signify plant life and the desire to get all natural products into the hands of people worldwide.  

Taking a leap of faith, Elizabeth dedicated her efforts to transform Moss & Palm from a hobby to a homemade business. The product line expanded from solely  massage oils to include an array of massage/body oils, soaps, body butters, beard oil and soy candles. All Moss & Palm products are made with natural, organic and therapeutic ingredients formulated to be beneficial to the body and tantalizing to the senses.

Moss & Palm pays homage to Elizabeth's Caribbean roots by creating a legacy that honors her parents for their sacrifices that afforded her with boundless opportunities to build Moss & Palm with love and infused with Caribbean soul!